Moving Guide and Tips


Labor Guide and Truck Size Guide


Job Size  Loading & Unloading Drive Time
Studio or small apartment 2 movers for
2-3 hours
+ drive time
between locations
2 – 3 bedroom apartment 3 movers for
3-4 hours
+ drive time
between locations
2 – 3 bedroom house
(800-1200 sqft)
4 movers for
5 hours
+ drive time
between locations
3 – 4 bedroom house
(1200-2000 sqft)
4 movers for
7-8 hours
+ drive time
between locations
4+ bedroom house
(2000-3000 sqft)
4 movers for
8-10 hours
+ drive time
between locations
Large house or castle
(3000+ sqft)
4+ movers for
10+ hours
+ drive time
between locations


Estimating time: Your move could take more or less time depending on how much stuff you need moved. In order to make your move go as quickly and easily as possible make sure your belongings are packed & ready to go on moving day. When estimating your move time add 30-60 min for each flight of stairs.

Unused Time: Companies do not offer refunds for unused time. It’s hard work setting up a schedule, and good companies will set aside enough time to finish your job which means turning down other jobs. Your service provider will call you prior to the job date to discuss the details and you can ask them if the hours should be adjusted prior to your job date.

Overages: If you think you may need extra time, make sure to ask your service provider prior to your job date if they will be able to stay longer. Sometimes they can stay an hour or two later if you ask them to. At the end of the job you’ll be able to add the time onto your credit card when initiating a payment release.

Drive time: Drive time to and from the job location is included in the final price, so you don’t need to add these to your order. However, if you’re booking a single crew to load and unload, they stay on the clock during the drive between the two locations.

Small Truck (10-13 ft)
Intended for:

Studio/Small 1 bed apartments (400-600 sqft)

  • 1-3000 lbs
  • 400-450 cubic feet
  • Moving 1-5 medium furniture items
  • Up to 120 medium size boxes
  • King size beds
  • Pianos
  • Pool Tables
  • Gun Safes
  • Refrigerators
  • 2+ bedroom homes

Medium Truck (14-16 ft)
Intended for:

1-3 bedroom apartments (600-1200 sqft)
Small 1-2 bedroom houses (600-1200 sqft)

  • 3000-5500 lbs
  • 650-850 cubic feet
  • Moving 1-10 furniture items
  • Up to 250 medium size boxes
  • Grand/baby grand pianos
  • 3+ bedroom homes

Large Truck (18-24 ft)
Intended for:

3-4 bedrooms (1200-2400 sqft)

  • 5500-6500 lbs
  • 900-1400 cubic feet
  • Up to 450 medium size boxes
  • Small apartments

X Large Truck (26+)

Intended for:
4+ bedrooms (2400+ sq ft)

  • 6500–8400 lbs
  • 1400-1600 cubic feet
  • Up to 550 medium size boxes
  • Small apartments/houses



· Tour your home, (include your attic, garage, storage space etc.) to determine what items you will be shipping. Have a garage sale or donate items you will not be shipping to a charity. Reducing your shipment size will reduce your moving costs.
· Make travel arrangements, flight, hotel, vehicle rental, etc.
· Start using up all extra food stocks, frozen food (cannot be shipped) and canned food, it will reduce the weight of your shipment and shipping costs.

· Contact American Relocation Service to arrange for more information.
· Notify Post Office of your new address.
· Mail change-of-address cards.
· Notify all accounts, such as mortgages, banks, leases, business or credit accounts of your new address.
· Notify schools.
· Return library books, videotapes, DVD’s, and other borrowed items and collect items loaned.

· Dispose of all flammables, aerosols, paint, propane tanks, etc.
· Start packing if you are planning to do some or all of it yourself.
· Arrange to disconnect your utilities, etc.
· Arrange to connect utilities and phone at your new home.



· Arrange for a baby sitter on moving day.
· Set up a specific area in your home for items you are taking with you personally.
· Finish packing.
· Label all boxes with your name, and name of room you would like them moved into.
· Drain water from garden hose and all oil & fuel from power mower and machinery.
· Arrange to have all your major appliances serviced before moving day.